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Best Android Market Apps: A beginner’s guide

Smartphones nowadays can be had for pocket-money prices with just about everyone enjoying the added benefits of a powerful handheld. For the tech-obsessed to whom the most expensive and cutting edge is a must have, then it is likely you already know the app capabilities of Android. For the beginner however the scale of what’s on offer from the Android Market can seem daunting.

Fear not, below is a quick top five apps you want to get from day one with your smartphone. Getting hold of them is a matter of simply searching the marketplace and downloading them to the handset. The result is a much more complete smartphone experience.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps comes preloaded on to virtually every Android phone. It may be however that the version that’s installed on your Android device is the most recent version, in which case it is more than worth the update.
Whenever I ask anyone for an app they simply couldn’t live without it always end up being this. Lucky you then that Android has the best version of the application available, and always gets updates first. With the street level navigation capabilities and soon to be released 3D buildings, it is now pretty much impossible to get yourself lost.

2. Angry Birds

This application has succeeded in bringing mobile gaming to just about everyone with a smartphone.
An incredibly easy to app to get to grips with but one that will prove infinitely addictive, Angry Birds is something not to be missed. It can easily entertain on even the longest of journeys home and thanks to its stop-start capability, can be picked up on the trip to work the next day.

3. Amazon Kindle

Amazon has experience huge success with its affordable Kindle hardware. But you don’t need to pick up a separate device in order to read eBooks. Thanks to the power of Android and the Kindle app, downloading and reading a book on your mobile is incredibly easy.

Some may find it difficult to read on the small screen estate found on smartphones. For the odd dip into a free, out-of-copyright book however, the Kindle app is the best you can get.

4. Spotify

Apple has long reigned supreme when it comes to mobile music with Android still lacking somewhat in the MP3 player department. This all changes with the arrival of the Spotify app, which thanks to a brilliant smooth and speedy user interface makes streaming music on the go a breeze. A ten pound per-month subscription will gain you access to unlimited tracks to be played on both your mobile and home PC. Better still these can be stored locally on the handset and then played back when your phone has no reception.

 5. Facebook

Facebook has in recent times become much more than a means to trade gossip. It is now a means to keep in contact with even the most distant of family members and friends. This is made even easier with the Facebook app for Android, which means notifications, photos, messages and all the other joys of the social networking site no longer require a PC to be viewed.


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