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Best affordable 4G phones (2015)

We round up the best affordable 4G smartphones you can buy in the UK in 2015, from £150 right down to just £49.

EE Rook

The EE Rook is the cheapest 4G phone we’ve played with, making it a good choice for festivals and as backup to your main handset. The dinky 4-inch screen is rather ugly and the 5-megapixel camera is dire, but the Rook is still a decent and nippy web browser.

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Vodafone Smart Prime 6 (£79)

Prime 6

At £79 the Vodafone Smart Prime 6 is remarkably pretty damn good. You get an HD screen and of course full 4G support so you can stream and enjoy movies, plus an 8-megapixel camera that’s great for the price. The occasional judder aside, this is an excellent Android handset.

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EE Harrier Mini (£99)

EE Harrier Mini

EE impressed us greatly with last year’s Kestrel, a £100 4G handset packing a great screen and reliable performance. This year EE is back with the Harrier Mini, packing the same price as the Kestrel but a slightly bigger 4.7-inch screen. You still get HD visuals and now full Android 5.0 Lollipop, as well as EE’s WiFi calling feature. However, the design is rather chunky and performance is a little stuttery.

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Motorola Moto E (2015 edition) (£109)

Moto E 2015

Motorola knows how to do solid all-round affordable phones and the new Moto E, which has 4G support built in, is another winner. The 4.5-inch Android Lollipop handset sports a funky changeable colour band so you can alter the look to suit your mood, while the Snapdragon 410 processor keeps things running smoothly. Only the basic 5-megapixel camera is a bit of a let-down.

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Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 (£125)

Vodafone’s second entry in this list is the Smart Ultra 6, which at £125 is the new king of amazing value. A solid 13-megapixel camera, glorious 1080p screen and silky smooth performance make this one of the best affordable phones around, and a great 4G handset.

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LG Spirit (£129)

LG Spirit

Fresh from its success with the premium G4, LG has also just released the more affordable Spirit, which packs 4G and solid mid range specs – including an 8-megapixel camera – for £129. The Spirit also boasts LG’s snazzy Android overlay, including features such as the handy Knock Code for keeping out criminal types.

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Microsoft Lumia 640 (£150 for LTE model)

The first truly great Lumia under the Microsoft banner, the Lumia 640 offers impressive battery life, a crisp 720p screen and a surprisingly dependable camera packed with great manual controls. Not to mention the user-friendly Windows Phone OS, which is better suited to smartphone noobs than the Android devices here.

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Huawei Ascend G7 (£150)

Ascend G7

The Ascend G7 might be quite chunky and feature a quirky interface, but the high-def screen produces sharp, attractive images and the camera is both fast and flexible, taking good photos in a range of conditions. You also get excellent battery life, great news if you’re always on the move.

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