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Best Apple Watch football apps: How to get live scores and more on your wrist

We round up the best football apps for Apple Watch, so you can easily stay updated on the latest scores and goals, follow your team’s news, try your hand as a footy manager and have a crafty bet during the action.

If your life is always ridiculously busy, chances are you’ll have no choice but to stay updated on the latest football happenings via your smartphone. Of course, yanking your mobile out of your pocket every five seconds to see if that rumbling was a goal alert isn’t always practical. Which is where the Apple Watch comes in very handy indeed.

The Watch offers a selection of free football apps which can keep you informed every time someone scores, along with updates on red cards and everything else that matters. You’ll also find football manager apps, betting apps and other Apple Watch offerings, to fully enjoy the new season.

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If you want to stay informed of the latest football happenings, Onefootball is a solid choice. Select your favourite team and you can check the progress of their games in real time on your Apple Watch, with push notification support for the big events. You can also check a full set of stats, to predict what’s going to happen next.

Outside of matches, you can enjoy some of the latest footy headlines, direct to your wrist. A handy feature if you’re killing a minute or two waiting for the bus.

Forza Football

Forza Football offers a similar setup to Onefootball. Upon loading the app for the first time, you’ll be asked to choose your favourite team, although so far only the Premier League (as well as England, England U21 and England Women) and a small selection of popular international teams are available to pick from.

Still, Forza offers some impressively deep functionality once you dive inside. We particularly like how it beams a timer for how long it is until your team’s next match, direct to your Apple Watch. You’ll be informed of every goal, penalty and other big decision that happens, with a simple scrolling interface and push notifications so you don’t miss a thing.


Another provider of live commentary and goals updates, 365Scores offers some serious functionality. For instance, you can check which local channel your team is playing on (if any) and have a peek at the dev’s pick of the best social media reactions for the big matches.

This app covers all of the English leagues and a massive selection of international teams too, so you’re bound to find support for your fave. And of course the Watch app gives you a full running commentary after kick off.

William Hill Sports Betting

Like a cheeky punt during the match? William Hill can now be had on your wrist, so you can place a quick bet at any stage until the final whistle goes. You can check your online balance and browse the latest real-time odds, before approving your stake right there on the Apple Watch.

Rememeber, bet responsibly and only if you’re of age!

Top Eleven 2017

If you’re into football management games, we heartily recommend Top Eleven 2017. This strategy title will keep you up all hours, trying to steer your team to the top of the virtual league.

Of course, one of the game’s only issues is the fact that games happen at pre-set times, rather than whenever you like. Thankfully the Top Eleven 2017 Apple Watch app can remind you of when your next match is with a quick tap, which is pretty helpful.

Unfortunately the functionality is very limited right now, so we’re hoping that the developers add the ability to check on training regimes, get finance updates and dive into stats right from your wrist.

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