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Best games for Windows Phone mobiles

We review the very best Windows Phone games for your Lumia smartphone, to download from the Microsoft Store, as of May 2015.

Hitman Go (£3.89)

Hitman Go is a bizarre concept – a virtual board game knock-off of the stealthy murder sim – that works impressively well. The aim is to guide the bald assassin across each ‘board’, avoiding guards in a bid to reach your target. Sounds simple enough but you’ll need to employ some seriously smart tactics, especially in later levels. Addictive, beautifully presented and well recommended.

Leo’s Fortune ($4.99 – UK price TBC)

Another massive Android/iOS hit, Leo’s Fortune has only just arrived on Windows Phone and it’s a must-play for platformer fans. The charming, cartoony graphics give the game kid appeal, but the increasingly difficult levels are a worthy challenge even for nimble-fingered adults. Thankfully the controls are simple and intuitive and Leo’s Fortune is rarely frustrating.

Monument Valley (£3.09)

Another smart puzzler like Hitman Go, Monument Valley is a visual feast, with morphing levels that change shape depending on your actions and viewpoint. The difficulty level isn’t too steep so even younger gamers should breeze through the game, with the short length the only disappointment in an otherwise fantastic title.

Plague Inc (£0.99)

If murdering the entire planet sounds more up your street, Plague Inc will definitely appeal. You take on the role of a killer virus which must mutate and spread across the globe, wiping out continents before they have a chance to develop a cure. It may be slightly sick subject matter, but Plague Inc is still an addictive game that can be replayed over and over.

Cut the Rope 2 (Free)

A cutesy puzzler, Cut the Rope 2 is nevertheless challenging enough to keep older gamers enthralled. The aim of each level is simple enough: just slice through the virtual ropes to get the candy into the mouths of the waiting Om Nom. Each level has a number of stars to collect, and if you’re a completionist like me you’ll be on it for days trying to catch ‘em all.

Plants Vs Zombies (£2.29)

Plants Vs Zombies is a true classic, already scarily several years old, but it’s lost none of its appeal over time. One of the best tower defence games ever conceived (and also one of the most charming), Plants Vs Zombies sees you guarding a house against an onslaught of animated corpses, using nothing more than an army of aggressive plantlife. Tons of levels, a smart learning curve and fun mini-games make it a must-have.

Asphalt 8 (Free)

Car fans should go straight to Asphalt 8, which is still one of the best mobile racing games around. It runs smoothly on even bog-standard Lumia phones and the arcadey gameplay is perfect for a quick 5-minute gaming session, while smashing through opponents is a great way to release all that pent-up tension.

Got your own Windows Phone 8 favourites? Feel free to shout them out below.


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