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How to get the ultimate mobile gaming setup: Best gaming tablets, consoles and controllers

Want to game on the go? Here’s how to get the ultimate mobile gaming experience, with our selection of the best portable gaming tablets and consoles, plus wireless controllers for your iPhone or Android phone in 2016.

Best gaming tablet: Nvidia Shield Tablet LTE

Nvidia’s Shield Tablet is a ridiculously versatile and super-powered way to get your game on. If you’re out and about, you can get stuck into Nvidia-exclusive games and the best new Android titles, with precision control using Nvidia’s own wireless controller. And with support for Steam streaming as well as Nvidia’s awesome GeForce Now online game streaming service (effectively Netflix for games), the Shield Tablet offers more than any other gaming tab out there.

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Best portable gaming console: New Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo’s latest version of the vastly popular 3DS handheld console boasted a fair few improvements, the biggest of which is a screen that won’t make you vomit up your Weetabix. That 3D effect is now spot on, while the funky retro design is as lovable as ever. Factor in the massive games catalogue and the new 3DS will keep you entertained through to Christmas 2016.

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Best mobile gaming controller for iPhone/iPad: Mad Catz C.T.R.L.

This Mad Catz controller connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth and offers full tactile control over your games, so you can’t blame those endless fails on crappy touchscreen buttons. There’s a handy screw-on holder for your iPhone too, to hold it in place while you game. Takes two AAA batteries. Buy now from Currys for £49.99

Best mobile gaming controller for Android phones: SteelSeries Stratus XL

This full-sized Bluetooth Android controller is a great way to get stuck into games when you’re out and about, offering a comfortable grip over prolonged periods and all of the buttons and features you’d expect, including clear battery and connection LEDs. Takes two AA batteries.


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