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Best Honor phones you can buy right now, for all budgets

We’ve reviewed pretty much every Honor smartphone ever to hit the UK and here’s our pick of the best you can buy right now, from affordable handsets to Honor’s flagship device.

Honor is a sister brand to the mighty Huawei, offering a wide range of smartphones with one key common feature: affordability.

The most expensive Honor handset you can buy right now is the flagship Honor 9, which boasts premium specs, a strong dual lens camera and sleek design work for under £400. That’s a serious chunk of change less than most manufacturers charge for their top-end mobile tech.

However, you can dip as low as £150 with the Honor range, while still bagging yourself a respectable smartphone snapper and the same fantastic Emotion UI software experience.

Here’s our favourite Honor phones right now, from the top of the range to the most affordable devices you can bag in the UK.

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Honor 9

Price: £380
Release Date: July 2017
Our Review: Honor 9 review

The Honor brand by Huawei continues to offer solid tech at a great-value price, with the release of the shiny Honor 9. In fact, take a look at this handset’s specs and you’d be forgiven for confusing it with the Huawei P10. Which makes this mobile’s asking price even more surprising. For while the P10 will still set you back over £550 SIM-free in mid-2017, the Honor 9 is priced at just £380.

In fact, the Honor 9 is considerably cheaper than its biggest rival right now, the OnePlus 5- which again offers premium specs for less cash than other flagship handsets.

The Honor 9 is undeniably a great-value handset and a strong all-round experience. Sure, you don’t get any jazzy HDR visuals or a ridiculously sharp Quad HD screen – and most users won’t even notice. They’ll be too content with the slick software, lovable design, smooth performance and dependable battery life. With the exception of a couple of camera flaws and that fragile backing, we really can’t find much to criticise here.

Honor 8

Price: £369
Release Date: September 2016
Our Review: Honor 8 review

Back in 2014, Huawei launched its new Honor brand which was designed to offer decently-specced smartphones for a refreshingly budget price tag. One of the biggest launches since inception is the wonderful Honor 8, which offers up an attractive design, solid performance and plenty of sweet features like a fingerprint sensor for under £300.

The glossy frame is attractive and surprisingly hardy, putting up with a fair bit of bumping and scratching. We really love the 5.2-inch Full HD display, which pumps out punchy colours and sharp visuals, with a strong maximum brightness. And like Huawei’s P9 flagship, the Honor 8 comes packing a solid dual-lens camera on rear end.

Considering the low price, the Honor 8 is a serious rival to the likes of the OnePlus 3 and other mid-range marvels.

Honor 8 Pro

Price: £475
Release Date: April 2017
Our Review: Honor 8 Pro review

The flagship Honor phone right now is the Honor 8 Pro. This is the most expensive handset under the Honor brand, but the 8 Pro still offers strong value for money. After all, with the exception of the design and the camera tech, this is pretty much a cheaper version of the Huawei P10 Plus – a beefy handset boasting a Quad HD screen, premium performance and even better battery life for around £150 less.

Unlike the relatively compact Honor 8, the Pro model is a meaty 5.7-inch smartphone. It’s certainly one for media lovers, while Honor also caters to anyone interested in VR. The Honor 8 Pro’s box actually converts into a Google Cardboard-style set of virtual reality glasses, to enjoy VR movies and games with.

Honor 7X

Price: £270
Release Date: December 2017
Our Review: Honor 7X review

We’ve seen plenty of premium phones this year sporting a sexy edge-to-edge screen design, but now Honor is bringing that style to the mid-range with the Honor 7X. However, this handset is so much more than just a pretty face. You also get a feature-packed dual lens camera and some seriously slick software, for a satisfying everyday user experience.

Media fans are also well catered for with a crisp and colourful 6-inch display, complete with Full HD visuals and a stretched 18:9 aspect ratio. That means less letterboxing when enjoying some movies on Netflix. Round it all off with impressive battery life and the Honor 7X is one of the best blowers you can buy right now for under £300.

Honor 6X

Price: £150
Release Date: January 2017
Our Review: Honor 6X review

If you’re on a tighter budget and can’t stretch to the other phones in this best of Honor round-up, no worries. The Honor 6X only costs around £150 these days, yet is still a perfectly dependable mobile rocking a dual lens camera and Full HD display.

We like the slick design work, complete with a rugged metal backing and 2.5D glass frontage. You’ll also enjoy over a day of battery life per charge, even with quite heavy use, along with the same great Emotion UI interface and software features of the more expensive Honor handsets. There’s even a rear mounted fingerprint sensor, for swift and convenient security.

That dual lens camera isn’t as good as we’d hoped, sadly, with mixed results particularly in low light. All the same, it’s a good way of snapping your existence if money is too tight for those more capable models.

Honor is set to launch its new Honor 7X smartphone in the imminent future (i.e. December 2017), which offers a specs upgrade, improved camera tech and sexy edge-to-edge screen design. Stay tuned for more on that fresh new device and head to our Honor 7X vs Honor 6X comparison to see what the difference is.


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