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Best HTC 10 cases tested and reviewed: Olixar collection

We test and review the best HTC 10 cases from Olixar that you can buy in the UK, including super-thin gel covers, super-rugged protective HTC 10 cases for outdoor use and stylish leather-style covers for an attractive finish.

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Leather-Style HTC 10 Wallet Stand Case

If you want a leathery protector for your HTC 10 then this wallet case is a solid choice. It looks and feels more premium than expected for the price and provides a snug fit for your phone, with a flip-open front to protect your HTC 10’s screen as well as the rest. You also get two credit card slots, tucked away inside the cover.

ArmourDillo HTC 10 Protective Case (£12.99)

If you’re the kind of guy/gal who’s always jogging up mountains or biking through forests, you’ll want a rugged case to help protect your new HTC 10 from harm. This ArmourDillo cover adds a seriously tough impact-resistant exoskeleton to your precious blower, to protect from all manner of bumps and unexpected drops.

It’s bulky of course, and completely masks the attractive metal finish of the HTC 10, but as a temporary protector for those active moments, it certainly does the job. You also get a handy kickstand at the back, in case you want to chill with a movie during a well-deserved break.

Ultra-Thin HTC 10 Gel Case (£5.99)

This cheap-as-chips HTC 10 gel cover is completely transparent, so it won’t hide your gorgeous new phone’s sleek metallic sheen. The case adds very little bulk too, while protecting the back and edges from scratches and dents. Good news if you suffer from greasy palms too, as the non-slip surface helps to keep the HTC 10 firmly in your grasp.

At just six quid, you really can’t ask for much more.

FlexiShield HTC 10 Gel Case (£5.99)

If you’d rather add a spot of colour to your HTC 10, then check out the FlexiShield Gel Case, which comes in a small range of bright colours including blue, purple and white. Like the transparent gel case, the FlexiShields add very little bulk to your HTC 10 while protecting the metallic surfaces. And these colourful covers sport the same cheap price tag.


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