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Best HTC Sensation XL cases

The HTC Sensation XL is the biggest of the HTC bunch, and a top choice of Android phone for watching video and browsing the web. Here we rounded up our pick of the best Sensation XL cases available right now to protect your handset from the winter cold (and more pertinently, from accidental drops onto the hard floor) for your Christmas perusal. Think we missed one? Let us know via w at @recombu.

V651 Hard Shell case

A rock hard shell for the Sensation XL that snaps onto the back of the handset to shield it from knocks and disfiguring scratches. The body is made from toughened polycarbonate and has cut-out slots for the camera and the flash for hassle-free snapping.

£16 from Clove

Pdair Leather case

A smart-looking leather case that closes over the XL to protect both the back and the screen. Magnetic studs keep the leather front panel covering the screen, and there’s even a belt clip, for that 90’s pager look.

£19.90 from My TrendyPhone

Piel Frama iMagnum case

A handmade, real leather case for the XL, the Piel Frama iMagnum has an inner shell made from toughened plastic polymer and grips your handset like a possessive child. The front flips open to allow access to the touchscreeen, and there are cutouts around the case that let you get at the controls without having to derobe your XL.

£51.99 from HTC

Qubits Neoprene Pouch

A soft neoprene pouch for the Senastion XL to protect it against lighter knocks and bumps. The pouch closes with a Velcro tab and fits the XL like a plastic cloth glove.

£4.99 from Amazon

Titan Pouch

A genuine leather pouch for the Sensation XL stamped with the HTC logo (because it’s an official HTC product, see?). There’s no fancy pull-tab for releasing the phone or magnets to hold the case closed; you’re getting a straightforward leather pouch with a microfibre lining to prevent scratches, and that’s yer lot. Pretty good looking, mind.

£13.20 from My TrendyPhone

Case-Mate Barely There

A super-slim, tough-as-nails plastic shell for the XL that does its best not to bulk out your phone with unnecessary padding. The case clips on over the phone, leaving cut-out holes for the camera and all the buttons and switches on the sides. The only thing not swaddled in protective plastic is the screen.

£16.99 from Expansys

Cellapod TPU Gel Case

A simple, slim gel case for the Sensation XL that will protect your phone’s backplate without overly bulking it up. There’s full access to all the outer controls on the XL, and the case is also available in white, grey, pink and purple.

£2.95 from Amazon


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