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Best iPad 2 cases

Apple’s iPad 2 is a gorgeous looking device in its own right, but how best to swaddle your tablet against scratches, scuffs and – heaven forbid – the horror of a cracked screen? We rounded up our favourite iPad 2 cases available to buy this Christmas. Missed your favourite? Let us know on Twitter at @recombu.

Capulet Sharon Case

Crafted from pure Spanish leather, hand crafted and dyed using natural vegetable colouring, the Sharon case from Capulet London is as trendy an iPad pouch as one could reasonably ask to find. It’s practical, too, with a pop fastening to prevent your iPad clattering out ungainfully onto the floor while you’re flaunting it about town.

£95 from Capulet London

Belkin Snap Shield

The Snap Shield offers super-minimalist protection for your iPad 2, with a translucent hard plastic shell that clips onto the back of the tablet. The case is soft to the touch, although it doesn’t offer any protection for the screen – best pair it with an Apple Smart Cover

£11-30 find out more from Belkin

Pipetto Hunter Wanderer

Pipetto’s Hunter Wanderer covers aren’t just for iPhones, no sir! They also come in jumbo iPad-sized versions, letting you deck out your tablet in the same stitched waxed cotton and Italian leather jacket as your phone. The tablet version also packs a leather carry handle, although the resulting look might be a little too handbag-y for some.

£99.99 from Pipetto

Incipio Hive Honeycomb

A high tech shock absorbing shell that’s flexible and sports a honeycomb design, which also provides extra grip when the iPad is placed flat on a surface. The silicone is coated in a special anti-static coating, to stop it getting sticky, and the case has cut-out sections for the lock button and charging slot.

£30-£40 find out more from Incipio

Kensington Secureback

The ultimate anti-thief solution for iPad, the Kensington Secureback locks your tablet down like one of those laptop security cables. The case locks around your iPad, and then would be thieves have the unenviable task of trying to wrestle it free from the steel cable securing it to your desk.

£35.99 from Misco

Maroo Mana

A cool, retro iPad case made from nylon and leather, the Mana case from Maroo rocks a stencilled cassette tape on the front for music lovers who still remember laboriously rewinding their favourite albums with an HB pencil. The case corners are reinforced with plastic, to offer extra protection from bumps and knocks, to boot.

£49 from Maroo

Proporta Brunswick England

Case bods Proporta’s luxury arm, Brunswick England are hewed from finest quality leather (their words) and undergo an individual check before being released from the factory. The Brunswick case also doubles as a folio stand, folding over to offer a more comfortable angle for viewing and typing.

£120 from Proporta

Proporta Maya

A sporty, faux leather wallet for your iPad, the ProPorta Maya is available in three colours (black, white and pink) each with a distinctive contrasting strip in the lower corner.

£5.95 from Proporta

Scribe Folio Stasis

Attention, eco-warriors: the Scribe Folio Stasis case is made from all-natural hemp, making it both green and good-looking for the environmentally minded. Also included is a sheet of A5 writing paper (really) and a system of magnets that sleep your iPad when the cover is closed.

£49.95 from Tuff-Luv


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