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Best new iPad 3 cases

Best iPad 3 cases

Apple’s new iPad has arrived right on schedule with a chunky new graphics processor and beautiful Retina Display. Clearly, such a marvel requires some suitably serious protection – can’t have our spanking new tablet marred by a careless slip of the hand. Below we’ve assembled our pick of the sharpest-looking new iPad 3 cases available for purchase right now. Spotted one we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Cygnett Lavish Earth

A chic-looking all leather iPad folio case, the Cygnett Lavish Earth contorts itself to offer you three different viewing angles for your spanking new iPad. The case secures itself closed with magnets, and wakes your iPad automatically on opening. Available in black, brown or the rather natty aubergine (pictured).

£39.95 link

Griffin Intellicase Folio

Taking a couple of design cues from Apple’s Smart Cover, the Griffin Intellicase offers solid protection for your new iPad, front and back. To cover the screen, there’s a flexible TPU shield that also works as a stand, while the rear is guarded by a solid polycarbonate shell.

£41.99 link

Incipio Smart Feather

A super-lightweight hard case for your new iPad, the Incipio Smart Feather case combines a Smart Cover-style folding screen protector with a polycarbonate plate that hides the tablet’s rear. As you’d expect, the backplate is specially cut to leave access to the lock switch and camera, for optimum protection and functionality.

Price TBC

Maroo Awanui

Crafted from nylon and bound in leather, the Maroo Awanui (we’re not sure how it’s pronounced, either) rocks an attention-grabbing grafitti pattern for iPad users tired of drab greys, blacks and browns. It also acts as a stand, with angles designed for watching movies and typing, and protects your iPad from knocks with four shock-absorbing corners.

£49.99 link

Otterbox Defender

A rough and ready, outdoors-y type’s iPad case, the Otterbox defender marries a rock-hard polycarbonate shell on the outside with moulded foam on the inside for protection against both scratches and drops. It’s also finished in silicone for maximum shock protection.

$89.99 link


Can’t bear to leave your precious new iPad poolside? The Over Board case is a sealed container designed for taking your tablet with you into the depths (so long as those depths don’t exceed about 19 feet). The iPad’s touchscreen is fully usable through the clear front cover, and best of all, it floats!

£23.99 link

Piel Frama

A gorgeous, handmade leather protective case for the new iPad, the Piel Frama case also includes a soft leather inner lining, document compartment and hard plastic inserts to protect your iPad from nasty shocks.

£88 link

Pipetto HunterWanderer

Nothing says ‘plush’ like a quilted wax cotton iPad case. Thin and light, the Pipetto HunterWanderer opens up to hold your iPad at six different viewing angles and offers unique handle straps that you can use to tether your tablet to car headrests for long road journeys. Also, we love that leather carry handle.

£99.99 link

Targus Versavu

While the Versavu offers all of the standard protective bells and whistles (hard backplate for protecting against drops, front cover to protect the screen), it’s real boast is in allowing you to rotate the iPad a full 360 degrees while still in the case, letting you choose whether to view the device in landscape or portrait. There’s also a choice of six different viewing angles and a magnetic closure that wakes your iPad on opening.

TBC, link

Twelve South BookBook

Perfect for protecting your iPad against both drops and would-be burglars, the Twelve South BookBook cunningly disguises your new Apple tablet as a fusty-looking leatherbound book. The covers are real leather and the inside is quilted for serious protection, while each case is hand-finished and distressed, ensuring that no two are exactly alike.

£64.72, link

Be.ez La Robe

The La Robe case is made with memory foam (like mattresses on the space shuttle!) that helps to absorb shocks and drops, while the inside is lined with fleece to prevent scratches. Finished in a distincly Paul Smith-ish stripe, the cases are available in four colours.

£22.99, link


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