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Best iPhone 4S cases

Best iPhone 4S cases

Ted Baker Hard Case

A style-savvy hard case that comes in four distinctly Ted Baker-ish designs. Choices include a garden print (pastel flowers), a bugs print (white beetles on a black background), a paisley design and a fly fishing print (drawings of fishing tackle, since you ask).

Buy a Ted Baker Hard Case here

Retro Cassette iPhone case

A perfect case for the Christmas hipster, this silicone iPhone 4S case protects your handset while signalling to all and sundry your penchant for all things retro. The cassette tape skin is even accompanied by a plastic cassette case, which doubles as a stand.

Buy the Retro Cassette iPhone case

Best iPhone 4S cases


MiSuny iPower

A smart twist on the iPhone 4S case-cum-charger, the MiSunny iPower case incorporates a mini solar panel into its tough design. The case houses a separate battery that should double your iPhone’s life, and usage in plentiful sunlight keeps your iPhone topped up for even longer. The only downside? It won’t charge in your pocket, for obvious reasons.

Buy the MiSuny iPower here

Case-Mate Tank

Possibly the hardest, tough-as-nails-iest iPhone case on the planet, the Case-Mate Tank is a protective plastic brick that protects your precious iPhone from even the toughest punishment. Proudly ‘military grade’, it’s guaranteed against shocks, drops, vibration, wind, rain, sand and dust, and even comes with a built-in protective grille that slides over the screen for particularly phone-unfriendly situations.

Buy the Case-Mate Tank here

Ted Baker Leather Style Pouch

This faux leather pouch is embossed with the Ted Baker logo for iPhone-toting luvvies looking to show off their fashion nous. Your iPhone fits snugly inside, wrapped up in the swallow print lining, and is held in place by an easy-release clasp. Available in black or brown.

Buy a Ted Baker Leather Style Pouch here

Pipetto Hunter Wanderer

As stylish as they come, the Hunter Wanderer case from fashion bods Pipetto is crafted from Italian leather and tartan material, and is specially treated to shrug off the filthy British weather with a waterproof layer. The case closes with a pop clasp, and fits both iPhone 4 and 4S

Buy a Pipetto Hunter Wanderer case here

TwelveSouth BookBook

Stylish, vintage-look fashion statement or cunning anti-theft device? The BookBook case from Twelve South ticks both boxes, squirrelling your iPhone 4S inside a real-leather book jacket. Not only does it look cool, but it also doubles as a wallet with space for cash and cards. Classy.

Buy a TwelveSouth BookBook here

Elan Form Chilewich

A textile case designed exclusively for Griffin by Sandy Chilewich (nope, us neither), the Elan Form Chilewich case is woven from vinyl, which means its a practical (read: easily cleaned) as well as a striking looking accessory. Behind the weave there’s an impact-resistant polycarbonate shell, to boot, making it good for… er, resisting impact.

Buy an Elan Form Chilewich here

Incipio OffGrid

Why stop at a hardy protective case when augmenting your iPhone 4S? The Incipio Offgrid not only offers the standard defence against cracks and scuff marks, but also includes a built-in second battery to keep your iPhone chugging along for longer. Charge is indicated along the bottom of the case by four blue LEDs, so you’ll never be caught unawares by a dead battery again.

Buy an Incipio OffGrid here

As well as the BookBook, we’ve mentioned Proporta’s smart Aluminium Lined Leather Case before.

What it lacks in the cryptic naming stakes it makes up for in style and substance. As well as boasting the timeless class that only black leather gives, the front flap that folds over the screen also conceals a solid aluminium plate (no really?), protecting the fragile glass front of your iPhone 4S.

Also available in a brown leather edition, the Aluminium Lined Leather Case can be ordered directly from Proporta now for £29.95 (including Standard Delivery), this should arrive with 2-3 working days of the order being processed.

Griffin Survivor

A second ‘military grade’ piece of iPhone-shaped battle armour, the Survivor conforms to “UK Def Stan 00-35”, which translates as “meeting or exceeding UK military standards”. Which means it should be perfectly up to the task of life in your inner jacket pocket. It’s a little bulky, but at what price total protection from shocks, drops, wind, rain, vibration sand and dust? Bulkiness and 25 quid, that’s what price.

Buy the Griffin Survivor here


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