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Best iPhone Games of 2016 (So Far…)

What are the best new games for iPhone and iPad so far in 2016? We take a tour of the App Store to recommend our favourite iOS games for your Apple device from this year.

We’re officially over halfway through 2016, which seems the perfect time to list our selection of the best iPhone and iPad games of the year so far. If you want something to distract you from how absolutely crackers the world is these days, check out these puzzle, adventure, action, sports and arcade games, available now on the App Store.

Best iPhone and iPad games 2016: Pokemon GO

Well. this would be a ridiculous list if we didn’t include the iPhone game that’s caused a worldwide craze, and inspired police forces to issue warnings about gaming and driving at the same time.

Pokemon GO is one of the most addictive iOS games of all time, thanks to its gotta-catch-em-all mentality. And attention-grabbing dangers aside, the fact that it gets people exploring their surroundings and interacting with fellow real-life fans has to be commended.

Check out our Pokemon GO hub for everything you need to know, including our tips and tricks for beginners, our advanced Pokemon GO guide, and the complete Pokedex of all of the in-game Pokemon.

Best iPhone and iPad games 2016: Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast

Even younger gamers who missed out on the Iron Maiden era can still get a lot of fun out of Legacy of the Beast, a fun turn-based RPG action game for iPhone and iPad. The hilariously hammy story might be nothing special, but there’s surprising depth to Legacy of the Beast, including a decent loot system and loads of blood-crazed beasties to fight alongside.

We’d have liked more Maiden hits on the game’s soundtrack to rock out to while slicing and smashing our way through endless waves of baddies, but presentation quality is excellent throughout.

Best iPhone and iPad games 2016: Tormentum: Dark Sorrow

If you don’t mind the odd nightmare about blood-sucking giant worms and nasty torture, then definitely check out Tormentum: Dark Sorrow. This Giger-inspired horror adventure is the most grisly and somber game to hit iPhones and iPads in 2016, and it’s utterly compelling from start to finish thanks to its disturbing game world, haunting visuals and sinister plot.

If horror games are your cup of tea, then check out our guide to the most disturbing iOS horror games that really f*ck with your head, as well as our list of the best iPhone/iPad horror games of all time.

Best iPhone and iPad games 2016: Top Eleven 2016

Warning: If you ever lost years of your youth to a certain game called Championship Manager, then Top Eleven 2016 will be like a bag of brown to a recovering heroin addict.

Like Champ Man before it, Top Eleven gives you full control over every aspect of your club, from squad formation to stadium facilities. You can scout out opponents, set brutal training regimes and do lots of other prep work before each match, then dive straight in and manage your team’s tactics during the full 90 minutes. And would-be accountants will be thrilled at the finances feature, which sees you securing sponsorship deals and managing costs and income to balance the books.

Check out our Top Eleven 2016 tips and tricks guide to get a head-start with this mobile footy management game.

Best iPhone and iPad games 2016: Blackwell 5: Epiphany

If you’re a fan of point n’ click adventure games and you still haven’t checked out the Blackwell series, you need to make amends right now by downloading all five games and enjoying a marathon of some of the most original and engrossing supernatural adventures ever conceived.

Epiphany is the final, heart-wrenching entry in the Blackwell saga, bringing the adventures of Rose and Joey to a satisfying conclusion. Once again you’ll take control of both characters as you try and help restless spirits to cross over into the next world, but this time a soul-devouring monster threatens to destroy the very fabric of existence, making it the most intense entry in the series.

Check out our guide to the best adventure games for iPhone and iPad for more point n’ click awesomeness.

Best iPhone and iPad games 2016: Crashlands

The fiendishly addictive Crashlands has you stranded on an open-world alien planet, which you can fully explore right from the off. Your objective is to gather resources to survive your ordeal, building up a base camp and crafting weapons, armor and tools to make it through another night.

That may all sound very po-faced, but Crashlands has a cartoony, comic presentation that makes the game endlessly amusing. You’ll bump into all manner of eclectic natives who dish out side-quests like amuse-bouche, and it’s a testament to the excellent gameplay that we felt compelled to complete them all.

Check out our in-depth Crashlands guide for essential tips and tricks to get started with the game.

Best iPhone and iPad games 2016: Punch Club

As children of the 80s, we were super-thrilled with nostalgic title Punch Club which hit the App Store back at the beginning of 2016. This reference-packed gem casts you as a lowly club boxer who aims to rise up the league and compete with the big boys. You’ll need to be a master of time management to fulfil your dream however, carefully balancing training, working, eating, sleeping and the rest.

Besides the obvious Rocky references, including a little strongarm work on the side, Punch Club crams in digs at all manner of 70s and 80s culture. Our favourite bit is the slightly surreal trip into the local sewers while delivering pizza.

Check out our Punch Club game walkthrough for tips, tricks and some strategy pointers to rule the leagues.


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