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Neko Atsume and beyond: Best and weirdest mobile cat games, plus some to avoid

If you like Neko Atsume, check out these similar cat games for iPhone and Android mobiles, including our pick of the best and most ridiculously weird kitty-based apps. 

Here at Recombu Towers, you might have noticed we’re massive fans of Neko Atsume, the simple cat collecting game for iOS and Android that reeks of feline charm. If you’re looking for other mobile games like Neko Atsume, here’s our pick of other adorable games for iPhone and Android phones, starring cartoon kitties. Oh, and a couple of rather fishy cat apps to avoid too. 

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Kitty Cat Clicker (Android and iOS)

If you enjoy hammering the living daylights out of your iPhone or Android mobile, and you also really like cats, then meet Kitty Cat Clicker. This rather mental cat game has you feeding a kitty queen by rapidly mashing the screen, which encourages your army of slave cats to throw food into the royal pussy’s gullet.

Your reward for feeding the queen is gold and bells, which you can spend on more cats (or upgrade your existing kitties). This makes future feeds easier, which is just as well because the royal greedy guts demands more treats every time.

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Sushi Cat (iOS)

This Pachinko-style iPhone game is incredibly cute and funny, and also ridiculously addictive. A number of animated cut scenes set up the ‘plot’, which essentially involves a big blue cat’s mission to get it on with a tiny pink cat. To do so, he must bounce his way through dozens of levels, eating up all of the sushi to fill his empty belly.

Gameplay is as simple as it comes, but requires precise timing and aiming to master. Just move the blue cat left and right at the top of the screen and then release when the moment’s right, and he’ll bump his way through sliders, trapdoors and all manner of obstacles to devour the waiting sushi. WIth loads of enticing multipliers to boost your score, you’ll be playing over and over to try and beat your previous best effort.

Ossan Cat Puzzle (Android)

Prepare to lose all of your spare moments to this monsterously addictive cat-based puzzle game for Android phones. It’s all in Japanese, but don’t let that put you off and it’s incredibly simple to pick up.

Basically, you have a 4×4 grid and the aim is to drag cats of the same number and colour on top of each other. At which point, they merge into a cat of higher value (so for instance, two ‘3’ red cats will join to form a ‘4’ cat). Of course, it takes some serious skill to move your cats around in an efficient manner, and prevent your grid from filling up prematurely.

Fun cat game fact: Apparently ‘Ossan’ is a slang term that’s similar to ‘Uncle’ (Ojisan) in Japanese. It’s a slightly derogatory term, aimed at men in their late 40’s who live alone and are generally perceived as being ‘creepy’. Way to be ageist and sexist at the same time, Japan.

Neko Nazuri (Android)

Another all-Japanese game, but like Ossan Cat Puzzle it’s well worth picking up. Neko Nazuri‘s gameplay is once again simple enough to pick up on the fly: you need to drag your finger from the blue square in the bottom left corner of the grid to the red one in the top right corner. The catch is that you can only trace a line through the same order of cat pics that’s displayed above the grid.

At first it seems rather simple, but Neko Nazuri will raise your pulse as the timer bar ebbs towards empty. Which is why we recommend playing Tickling Cat immediately afterwards…

Tickling Cat (Android, iOS)

This isn’t really a game, to be fair. You can probably guess the ‘objective’ of Tickling Cat, which involves rubbing a cartoon cat’s stomach until the meter fills up and the kitty lets out a very content noise. If you play this around other people, they’ll probably think you’re a bit mental.

Cat Evolution Party (iOS)

This one definitely ranks as a ‘weird’ cat game, and one which we’ll never unsee in our mind’s eye. You ‘win’ Cat Evolution Party by devouring all of the other cats on-screen, accomplished simply by tapping them. The more friendly felines you consume, the more your own twisted kitty evolves, until he’s a walking dual-headed abomination that eats cats through a gaping chest cavity. Frankly, horrifying.

Avoid at all costs: YOLO Cat (iOS)

YOLO Cat is basically a virtual kitty equivalent of those advice people in the tabloids, and just as crap. The rather shabbily outfitted pussy is supposed to give you valuable life advice by answering any question that you ask, but of course all it does is dish out one of a very limited collection of responses each time. Thus the query ‘should I kill my friends and dismember their corpses’ is met with a thumbs up, while pondering about donating money to charity is shouted down with a ‘nah, ain’t YOLO kid’.

Check out our very first episode of Crapps for the full skinny on YOLO Cat and Cat Evolution Party. We’re constantly updating this article with new, awesome cat games for iOS and Android, and feel free to recommend your personal favourites below.


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