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Best Nokia Lumia 800 cases

The Nokia Lumia 800 has generated a lot of hype for both Nokia and Windows Phone 7 since its release, but with the coloured versions still a while away in the UK, what better excuse could you need to dress your Lumia 800 in a bit of protective swaddling? We’ve rounded up our favourite Lumia cases available this Christmas here for you to browse. Think we’ve missed your favourite? Let us know on Twitter at @recombu.

Proporta Aluminium Lined Leather case

A premium leather pouch for the Lumia, this case is lined with lightweight aluminium and is finished with a rather fetching pinstripe inner lining. The pull tab makes another appearance here, meaning the days of ungainfully slapping at the bottom of your phone pouch are mercifully over.

Buy a ProPorta Aluminium Lined Leather Lumia Pouch here

CP-019N TPU case

As we reportedly won’t be seeing the coloured Lumias in the UK for a while yet, the smart move for fans of the non-monochromatic smartphone would be to plump for this neon pink protective silicone skin. It’s so slim that, to the untrained eye, you might as well be carrying the real thing.

Buy CP-019N TPU case here

Cellapod genuine leather Lumia pouch

A real leather pouch for the Lumia, this case is simply designed and closes with a magnetic clasp to stop your Lumia slipping out at unwanted moments. There’s also a pull tag built in, for easy handset liberation.

Buy a Cellapod genuine leather Lumia pouch here

Lumia 800 CP-024N Armband case

The sportsman’s (or sportswoman’s) choice; this is the standard mobile-protecting armband case that’s been around for donkey’s years on other devices. It secures itself to your arm with an adjustable strap, and then you’re free to bask in the approving looks of other joggers and gym goers marvelling at your Lumia through the transparent front panel.

Buy a Lumia 800 CP-024N case here

Nokia Faceplate

Another way around the shortage of coloured Lumia’s this side of the Atlantic; this case snubs sillicone and offers a hard, snap on case in blue, black, silver or pink.

Buy a Nokia Faceplate here

Amzer Soft Gel TPU skin

The super soft Gel Black case is not only pretty (read: glossy) to look at, but also moulds itself to the Lumia’s curves, giving the look of a hard case with all the shock absorbing properties of a silicone skin.

Buy an Amzer Soft Gel TPU skin here 

Terrapin Lumia Black Leather case

A genuine leather flip case for the Lumia with dark stitching and a pop button close. It gives full body coverage for your phone, but the downside is this rigorous protection comes at the expense of a hole for your camera to peep out of.

Terrapin Lumia Black Leather case

Nokia CP-572 Flip case

Another officially licensed Nokia accessory, this case is made from real leather and reinforced plastic. Snapping onto the back of your Lumia, the front panel opens on a hinge for access to the touchscreen, and the back has the standard cut-out sections for the camera.

Buy a Nokia CP-572 Alpha Flip case here

CP-001N Alpha Flip case

A sober, business person’s case for the Lumia, and an official Nokia product to boot. The leatherette case has a flip-open front to guard your Lumia from all sides while closed, and cut-out sections for the controls and the camera.

Buy a CP-001N Alpha Flip case here

CP-004N Diamond TPU case

A silicone skin that wraps lovingly around your Lumia 800, with a textured diamond pattern on the back. As with all the officially licensed Nokia Lumia accessories, it offers cut-out portions for the camera and controls, and the Lumia itself will fit as snugly as a bug in a big rubber rug.

Buy CP-004N Diamond TPU case here


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