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Best phones for young kids and teenagers

We pick the best mobile phones for kids, whether they’re just starting school or already a surly teen.

After a cheap, rugged phone for your children to stay connected? The following mobiles are affordable and can put up with some punishment, making them a solid choice for kids of any age.

Microsoft Lumia 435

At under £50, the lightweight 4-inch Lumia 435 is a great smartphone for younger users. It’s easy to clutch but can survive a fair few knocks, while providing two full days of battery life as well as the expected smartphone features.

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Motorola Moto E

Another very affordable phone, the Moto E can be customised with colourful bands to help them stand out from the crowd. At 4.5-inches it’s dinky enough for smaller hands and also enjoys all-day battery life so you’re never out of touch.

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EE Rook

It’s a basic blower, but the EE Rook is perfectly compact with a dinky 4-inch screen and also tough enough to survive a few scrapes. At just £39.99 for existing EE customers, it’s a bargain that will suit younger users.

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Vodafone Smart Prime 6

The Smart Prime 6 is the best budget phone on the Vodafone network, offering a sharp 5-inch HD screen and decent cameras for a low cost, making this a solid choice for teens. The long-lasting battery means they shouldn’t ever be out of touch.

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