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Best Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories

We’ve had more than our fair share of hands-on time with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and loved every minute of it. With three weeks of availability to the masses already under its belt, we’re yet to see signs of its general popularity waning and that’s unlikely to change any time soon. However, for those who feel like they do need a little more than the stock experience offered by their S3s, perhaps a trip to the accessories department is in order.

We’ve decided to have a scout around on your behalf to bring you what we consider to be the top Samsung Galaxy S3 friendly accessories available right now.

1. Wrappers Sleeve case

Typically, hard cases place function before fashion, but if you prize your S3 and know you’ll be handling it with kid gloves regardless, than perhaps Wrappers’ Alcantara cases may be up your street. The company, who operate out of Oxford make all their products in the UK and these luxurious fitted sleeves slip around your S3 and keep it wrapped up safely and softly. Available in a range of six colours including Aubergine for £19.00, plus £3.50 p&p.

2. Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Kit stand

When we heard that the wireless charging station which featured at the Galaxy S3’s launch event wouldn’t be making it to market in time, we have to admit our hearts sank a little, but this alternative still offers a stylish solution suitable to provide your S3 with more juice than it knows what to do with. The official S3 battery kit acts as a stand to sport your S3 in both portrait and landscape orientation, but behind the stand sits a secondary battery complete with an inbuilt USB charger to ensure you’ve always got a spare in hand and ready to go. Priced at £34.99.

3. Jabra Stone 2 Bluetooth headset

We think Samsung would be proud of our choice here. At launch, the company explained that the Samsung Galaxy S3 was inspired by nature, so what better a peripheral than one which follows the same philosophy? The Jabra Stone 2 not only shares its unique looks with its predecessor, but the technology incorporated into the headset means you never need take your eyes off the road to see who’s calling, check the battery or answer and hang up using buttons (it’s all now voice controlled). What’s more, there are dual mics to ensure talk is crystal clear and the charging station can accommodate up to 4 fast-charges whilst away from a plug socket (with each fast charge taking 20 minutes and lasting up to 10 hours). You can pick up a Stone 2 for a snip under £60 (£59.95).

4. Samsung Galaxy S3 In-car Vehicle Dock

Another piece of officially sanctioned Samsung Galaxy S3 produce. The In-car Vehicle Dock, not only provides a sleek, compact design to match that of the smartphone with which it cradles, but the S3’s car dock also has allowance for charging whilst you’re cruising. All of this works out to just £29.99.

5. Helo TC Assault

We’ve played the Samsung Galaxy S3 accessory roundup you see before you as a fairly tame affair, but we had to include this gem of a product before we drew to a close. The Helo TC Assault is possibly the most exciting use of crossover technology (a mix of infrared and WiFi) that we’ve ever seen paired with a mobile device. Compatible not just with your S3, but with other Android and iOS devices too, you can launch and control a working micro-helicopter kitted out with multiple red missiles with which you can use to settle any office disputes. Available for around £44.95.


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