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Best back-to-school kids’ tablets and deals

We test out the best tablets for kids, and find you the best deals too, ready for the wee blighters to head back to school.

Just when you think your precious little tykes might drive you insane, it’s time for them to head back to school and give you some much-needed peace.

But first, you should consider arming them with the latest tech. We’ve played with plenty of great-value tablets that are perfect for kids, allowing them to research hot topics, bash out essays, read the classics and stay connected with their mates.

Here’s our pick of the best tablets for kids, starting from just £99.

Asus Transformer Pad

Best tablets for kids going back to school and best tablet deals

If you’re after an Android tablet for staying productive on the move, the Asus Transformer Pad is your best bet. This affordable tab comes with a handy keyboard dock, which connects to the tablet to form a makeshift laptop. Typing on that compact board should prove no problem for smaller hands, and it’s a much easier method than those fiddly on-screen boards.

Android’s online store, Google Play, stocks plenty of useful productivity and educational apps which you can download either for free or for a small cost. However, if you’re looking for more flexibility, we’d recommend the next tablet on our ‘best for kids’ list instead.

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Best price: You can snatch up the Pad for around £239 on sites such as Amazon

Acer Aspire Switch 10

Best tablets for kids going back to school and best tablet deals

Acer’s Aspire Switch 10 is a similar beast to the Asus Transformer Pad, but this time you get full Windows 8 instead of Android. While Android is better suited to younger users, with its intuitive interface, Windows 8 is great for older kids who want to use a massive range of software.

For a start, the Switch 10 comes with Microsoft’s brilliant Office suite, including the excellent Word for smashing out those essays. And you can download almost any kind of software you can think of from the internet, giving the tablet great flexibility.

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Best price: Dabs is currently offering the Switch 10 for just £289

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

Best tablets for kids going back to school and best tablet deals

The Kindle Fire HDX taps into Amazon’s massive online ecosystem, so it’s a good bet if your offspring loves to read. You can browse and download a huge selection of Kindle books, including a great range of textbooks, and the interface is simple enough to get to grips with. Plus, the new online help feature means you can connect with an Amazon assistant almost immediately, to help out with any issues or concerns.

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Best price: You can nab the 7-inch version on Amazon from £199

Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display

Best tablets for kids going back to school and best tablet deals

It may be one of the pricier tablets in this list, but if you want a fantastic range of educational and creative apps for your kids to get stuck into, you won’t do any better. From maths games to science apps, your kids’ brains will get a serious workout on the iPad Mini.

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Best price: £319 from Apple, although the original non-Retina version can be snatched up for around £249

Tesco Hudl

Best tablets for kids going back to school and best tablet deals

If money’s a bit tight after all those summer trips to Legoland, try the Tesco Hudl tablet instead. It’s a great 7-inch device that packs all the usual Android features, and a surprisingly good screen considering the £99 asking price. Best of all, it’s a family friendly device with handy set-up tips and a 24-hour hotline in case you need some assistance.

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Best price: £99 direct from Tesco


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