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Best Value Phone of 2015: Winner and Nominees

Recombu Awards Best Value Phone 2015: We celebrate the best budget smartphone of the year, from a shortlist including the Motorola Moto G (2015), Microsoft Lumia 640, Honor 4X, Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 and Wileyfox Swift.

The Recombu Awards 2015 was a great chance to big up the very best mobile tech of 2015, including the best phone, best tablet and best mobile accessory. But one of the most fiercely competitive awards was Best Value Phone 2015.

If you’ve got £150 or less to spend on a new phone, good news: you’ve got tons of fantastic mobiles to choose from, most of them packing HD screens, decent cameras and features typically found on more expensive handsets. Here’s our winner and full list of nominees for the Best Value Phone of 2015.

Best Value Phone 2015 Winner: Vodafone Smart Ultra 6

Offering outstanding value for money is Vodafone’s dark horse, our pick for the best budget blower of the year. At just £125, the Smart Ultra 6 offers seriously impressive value for money. Look beyond the tried-and-tested design and you’ve got a serious entertainment machine, packing Full HD visuals, solid performance, all-day battery life and a surprisingly strong camera.

Best Value Phone 2015: The full shortlist

Here are the other four mobiles that were nominated for the best value phone of 2015 award.

Honor 4X

Huawei’s spin-off brand Honor has produced some solid budget phones in its first year of existence, our favourite being the 4X. Dependable performance, impressive battery life and a respectable 13-megapixel camera make this a great all-rounder.

Microsoft Lumia 640

Impressive enough to win a full five stars in our review, the Lumia 640 is a colourful, user-friendly Windows handset that boasts a bright and colourful display and a feature-packed 8-meg camera.

Motorola Moto G

Last year’s Moto G was a well-deserved winner in our budget category, and this year’s model is even better, with a new waterproof design and a bloody brilliant 13-meg snapper – the same one found on last year’s Nexus 6.

Wileyfox Swift

British brand Wileyfox caused a bit of a stir with its first release this year. The Swift impressed us with its combination of excellent tech and the highly customisable Cyanogen OS, which is particularly appealing to anyone with concerns over their privacy.

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