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Best Windows 10 tablets: From great-value slates to powerful laptop hybrids

After a powerful and portable Windows 10 tablet to stay productive or entertained on the move? Here’s our list of the best Windows tablets and laptop/tablet hybrids with keyboard docks that you can buy in 2015, including affordable great-value options and more pricey models.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

If you’re after a powerhouse Windows 10 tablet that can be converted into a makeshift laptop, the Surface Pro 4 is a great choice. The Surface Pro 4 boasts superb performance, with a range of models on offer, plus a bundled stylus for creative users. And the adjustable stand built into the back of the tablet can be used to prop it up at any angle.

We also recommend snapping up Microsoft’s Type Cover for the Surface Pro 4, which adds a handy physical keyboard. It’s a great one-piece board that’s surprisingly good for touch typing on the go.

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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

Another fantastic Windows 10 tablet, the Yoga Tab 3 Pro offers seriously impressive value for money. For just £399 you get a metal-bodied slate with an integrated kickstand (similar to the Surface Pro 4’s), a vibrant QHD screen, great battery life and expandable storage.

That alone sounds like a solid package, but Lenovo has also built a projector into the Yoga Tab 3 Pro which beams the display onto any flat surface. It’s a great way to give presentations on the fly or to kick back with a movie when you’re stuck in some lifeless hotel next to a ringroad in Leeds.

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Acer Aspire Switch 11V

Acer’s latest ‘Switch’ devices are Windows 10 tablets that come with a detachable keyboard dock, so you can quickly and conveniently convert them into dinky laptops. The tablet snaps onto the dock quickly and cleanly and the pair are held together effectively by the powerful magnets, with perfect balancing even when the screen is tilted right back. And you can even reverse the orientation of the tablet, so the keyboard acts as a handy stand instead – ideal for watching movies on the go.

The Aspire Switch 11V boasts a Full HD 11.6-inch screen that’s more than sharp enough for getting stuck into complex spreadsheets and creative software. And the Intel Core M processor handles multitasking well, so you shouldn’t ever have to stare at an endlessly turning hourglass.

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Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Series

This power-packed Dell laptop features a keyboard that bends back in on itself, to be tucked away behind the screen. In this form it’s a nifty 13.3-inch tablet, complete with stylus for precision input.

You can choose from Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors, which combined with 4 or 8GB of memory provide silky smooth performance. And with prices starting from £449, the Inspiron 13 7000 Series is definitely an affordable yet powerful Windows 10 machine.


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