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Best Windows Phone horror games

We round up the best, terrifyingly scary horror games for your Windows Phone device to download in 2016.

Dead Trigger 2

The Dead Trigger series may opt for pulse-shredding action rather than psychological terror, but Dead Trigger 2 still has plenty of yell-out-loud moments where you’re surrounded by shuffling undead, frantically blasting away with your last few bullets in a desperate attempt to survive. For a freebie, this is a polished and very enjoyable horror game.

Acedia: Indie Horror

While Dead Trigger 2 is all about intense bouts of action, Acedia is a tense maze game that has you running away from ghoulies rather than perforating them with a machine gun. The fact that you can only see a tiny portion of the screen with your frankly pathetic flashlight makes it all the more creepy.

Into The Dead

Another zombie blaster, Into The Dead has you fending off undead brain gobblers with all kinds of deadly weapons. The moody monochrome graphics perfectly suit the sombre atmosphere, while the challenges in each level will have you replaying until you beat them all.

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Slender Man Origins

Slender Man may be old news, but there’s no denying that the lanky-armed ghost still has the power to scare you sh*tless when you turn off the lights and turn up the sound. Origins features a variety of levels and decent graphics, plus the same feeling of dread as the original Slender Man game.

Plague Inc

Possibly one of the only games to cast you as a deadly disease, Plague Inc tasks you with killing off the entire human population of Earth. Evolve at a tactical rate and upgrade to new horrifying symptoms, before spreading your way from country to country via unsuspecting hosts. Nice.


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