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Essential Apps for Windows Phone Owners (2016)

Got a new Windows phone? Here’s our recommended pick of the best ten essential starter apps that you need to download from Microsoft’s app store right now.


If you’ve got friends, then Facebook is a brain-free insta-download. It’s a simple, convenient way of keeping in touch with buddies and family, with the ability to set up events and invite people as well as show off pics of your holiday or grinning offspring.


Cinema fans can get the latest reviews and trailers with Flixster, to pick what to see next. Once you’ve chosen a movie to go see, you can also get details of show times from your nearest establishment.

Hitman Go

This smart puzzle game spin-off of the Hitman franchise will test your brains rather than your aim, boasting slick turn-based stealth mechanics. With a gorgeous boardgame presentation and tons of levels to keep you going, this is one of the best games for Windows Phone right now.

Apps for Windows Phone - Hitman Go

Monument Valley

Another well-polished puzzle title, Monument Valley has you manipulating the world itself in order to guide your tiny character to the exit. Clever and addictive, if a little short.

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Movie and TV lovers need to get on-board with Netflix if they haven’t done so already. With a massive selection of old and new films and shows, plus some strong original content, Netflix is worth every penny of its monthly subscription charge.


Video chat with friends and family for free. Skype is a brilliant service, as anyone enduring a long-distance relationship or with family members living abroad will testify.

Apps for Windows Phone - Skype


The massive online music database comes with a monthly subscription fee, but it’s well worth it considering the fantastic variety of tunes and the excellent playlisting feature.

Alternatively, if you’re a bit skint and can’t afford that monthly charge, try Pandora. It’s a lot more restrictive, but you can stream as much as you like for free.


If you want to while away your commute watching YouTube videos (may we be so bold to recommend our own?) then TubePro is the best way to do it. You can upload your own content on the fly, if you’re a vlogger.


The best source for digital radio. Stream from thousands of worldwide stations, including every genre you could possibly think of. Apart from maybe indie farmer death metal jazz.

Apps for Windows Phone - TuneIn Radio


WhatsApp is still our favourite messaging app thanks to its fantastic group chat functionality and smart features. You can see when the others in your conversation have read your message, so you know if they’re just ignoring you.


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