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BlackBerry 10 Aristo: RIM’s most powerful smartphone ever

Considering even the most powerful BlackBerrys that made it to market featured a 1.2GHz single-core processor, a newly discovered spec sheet, supposedly for a device known as the BlackBerry 10 ‘Aristo’ looks set to smash any previous hardware prowess RIM has ever employed within a handset.

The L-Series, including the BlackBerry London are set to be the first new devices from to run their brand new OS; BlackBerry OS 10, however the Aristo looks set to offer to offer a true flagship experience if this leaked slide is to be believed.

BlackBerry 10 Aristo spec leka who received the slide explain that ‘Aristo’ translates from the Greek to mean ‘the best’, an apt title when considering the internals this powerhouse BlackBerry is expected to offer. With the potential of the Aristo being the first A-Series device, we could see all forthcoming flagship BlackBerry devices to start with the letter A, much like the currently anticipate L-Series devices are the London, Laguna and Lisbon].

The Aristo Is said to employ Qualcomm’s Krait 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM (twice that of the L-Series) and 2800mAh battery. The large cell size is likely due not only to the meaty processor, but as a means to power a 4.65-inch OCTA Glass 720p HD OLED display.

The specs also dictate that the battery lies under a non-removable door, meaning this could well be a unibody BlackBerry with an integrated battery, not unlike an HTC One S or Apple iPhone 5. To round it all off, the Aristo is said to be an LTE capable handset including the frequency bands reserved for the UK’s 4G capable carriers.

All in all, if the Aristo is a real BlackBerry, it’s got a spec sheet that promises to impress, provided it materialises, is competitively priced and offers users a compelling user experience with the new BlackBerry 10. When we’ll actually see such a device appear is still unknown.


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