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BlackBerry 10 phones not arriving until late 2012

If you’re champing at the bit to get your mitts on a QNX/BBX/BlackBerry 10-powered phone, you’re in for a bit of a wait we’re afraid.

Research In Motion has said that it’s first BlackBerry 10 phone won’t be appearing until the second half of 2012. According to CNET, the reason for the wait is due to processors; RIM is said to be using a processor that’s not available until the end of the year. No mention of who is making it, but it’s thought to be a dual-core CPU with better LTE integration, which ought to allow for a more efficient use of power.

By the time the first BlackBerry 10 phone gets announced then we ought to have had the spectrum auction in the UK. Meaning that UK BlackBerry fans are unlikely to reap any huge benefit for their wait.

Co-CEO of Research in Motion Mike Lazaridis has called on BlackBerry fans to wait; asking for “patience and confidence,” until the new phone emerges. Until then, if you want to get a taste of how BlackBerry 10 will shape up, RIM’s advice is to shell out for a PlayBook. Apps written for the tablet will work on phones running BlackBerry 10, so developers looking to get ahead of the BlackBerry curve (sorry, it’s Friday) ought to consider writing for RIM’s tablet.

Supposedly leaked details of what future BlackBerry phones might look like have come in the form of the BlackBerry Colt and BlackBerry Milan; full touch and combination touch-sliders (a la the Torch 9810) respectively. Given RIM’s history and expertise in making great physical Qwertys on their phones we don’t think that they’d be retiring the form anytime soon; whatever the phones end up looking like or being called, we’re sure that there’ll be at least one in there with a physical cobblestone keypad.

Source: CNET


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