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BlackBerry Bold 9900 officially announced by Vodafone

We heard back in May that Vodafone would be stocking the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and we spotted this pre-order page on Monday ahead of any official announcement. Now the horse is well and truly out of the bag, Vodafone has gone and officially heralded the availability of the NFC-tastic, BlackBerry OS 7-running Bold 9900 on contract and pay as you go.

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is available for nowt on a £41 24 month deal which gives you 1200 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of internet (alongside BlackBerry Internet Service and 1GB of BT Openzone Wi-Fi).

Those less keen on a 2 year plan can opt in for 18 months instead; you can get the exact same minutes, messages and data described above along with a free Bold 9900 for £46 a month.

You can get the same amount of minutes, messages and data on an 18 month plan and still get the Bold 9900 for free for a little more at £46 a month. This actually works out as a better value for money deal than the 24 month option – you pay a bit more each month but you end up paying around £150 less overall.

There are no 12 month plans where you’ll get a free Bold 9900; the most you’ll need to fork out is £199 on the £36 a month deal (300 minutes, unlimited texts, 500MB and 2GB of Openzone plus BIS).

Elsewhere its £139 for £41 a month (600 minutes, same texts and data as above), and £99 on a £46 a month plan (900 mins, same texts and data but with 25MB of European data bunged in too).

£51 month on a 12 month deal gives you a huge 1200 minutes, unlimited texts, 750MB and 2GB of Openzone plus BIS and the same 25MB of European usage – here the asking price for the Bold 9900 drops to £59.

We’ve had some extensive hands-on time with the Bold 9900 and already love the typing experience – certainly one of the best in the market if you’re after a phone with a Qwerty. We’ve yet to reach a final verdict on this, so stay tuned for our full review coming soon.


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