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BlackBerry Colt QNX phone to launch this year?

RIM may be launching its first QNX phone, the BlackBerry Colt, sooner than we thought, according to Dutch website

We’d heard that RIM were intending to launch the handset in the first quarter of 2012, but if Tweakers (and Google Translate) are to be believed, we’ll see the new BlackBerry handset land before the year is out. This acceleration is apparently to combat falling sales in the US, where RIM has been losing ground to other smartphone manufacturers and their all-singing-all-dancing multimedia handsets.

Tweakers also claims to have some specs, and sadly they only back up what we’d already heard. There’s a 4.3-inch display which is in line with the top-end smartphones du jour, but the site’s also reporting that the Colt will ship with the same 1.2GHz single core chip found in the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Oh dear.

The specs, such as they are, are still far from official, but the one thing we do know is that the Colt will run RIM’s new QNX mobile operating system, which powers the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. How well this will run on a single-core processor (as opposed to the dual-core PlayBook) remains to be seen, but our fingers are still crossed that this single-core allegation is all just a big misunderstanding.



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