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BlackBerry Confetti concept video

Alongside the impressive, QNX-enhanced Porsche Carrera S, we also got to have a demo and a play around with BlackBerry Confetti at RIM’s expansive Mobile World Congress stand. Though there were no new phones and tablets being shown off at the stands, this bright and colourful concept app immediately caught our eye. 

Ostensibly an app to be used to liven up boardroom meetings, BlackBerry Confetti lets participants share documents, blueprints, spreadsheets and files with each other by pinging trails of confetti across the screens of their PlayBook. It looks like what we’d imagine Whale Trail makers ustwo would come up with if they were asked to make an enterprise app.

You can also share files by tapping two PlayBooks together, or by slinging a file towards a larger TV screen via DLNA.

These five PlayBooks’ positions were monitored and traced by a $20 ceiling-mounted webcam with another BlackBerry PlayBook handling the processing. Though a concept we like the idea. It’d certainly make those five minutes you have to spend waiting for the guy who’se always late to meetings more interesting.


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