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BlackBerry L and N-Series BB10 devices revealed

BB10 has been the latest play in RIMs new plans to reinvigorate the company’s global mobile brand and rethink the way it operates.  An internal slide detailing basic information on the first two BB10 devices has been picked up, which sheds some light on the company’s approach to the roll out of its shiny new OS.

According to N4BB first up is the L-Series device; an all-touchscreen front with proportions which looks to be based on the BlackBerry London concept that was seen floating around last year. The slide indicates a 1280×768 OLED display, giving it 356ppi and with a suggested width of 55mm, we suspect a screen size of around 4-inches.

BB10 L and N-Series slide

What’s most interesting about the slide is the additional N-Series. It’s no secret that the first BB10 device to launch will have a full touchscreen, but a BlackBerry with a physical QWERTY keyboard is also the works. The N-Series appears to offer a far more classical BlackBerry feel. Similarly to the L-Series, the N is opting for a high resolution 1:1 display of 720×720, with a suggested pixel density of 330ppi at a width of 52-53mm.

Whilst the L-Series is expected to resemble the London concept, the N-Series looks a little like the BlackBerry concept we saw yesterday. The QWERTY layout, although typical BlackBerry, does do away with the hardware navigation keys usually mounted above the keyboard. Those looking for the next BlackBerry Bold, expect the N-Series to arrive in Q1 2013.


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