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BlackBerry Messenger 6.0: BBM screens get leaked

Blackberry’s Messenger, is the latest leak victim, with these screen shots showing the next version of BBM- BlackBerry Messenger 6.

It looks like it could arrive around the same time as an update to the BlackBerry OS, sometime this spring.

Perhaps the greatest reason for someone under 25 to own a BlackBerry, we’re a bit partial to BBM, and we’re willing to wait for its arrival on the iPhone, even if we may have to pay for it.

We’re just weeks away from RIM’s annual Blackberry World conference, where Crackberry addicts from around the globe gather, typically to greet the latest additions to the BlackBerry fold- which this year will include RIM’s first tablet- the BlackBerry PlayBook, which promises to match the iPad price on launch.

Visible changes include some brighter icons, and customisable colour-coding, but nothing so exotic to scare away current BBManiacs.

Expect to see more on this following the BlackBerry World conference- once the dust has settled from the rumoured new phone-sets.

Via: Engadget
Source: BlackBerry Base


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