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BlackBerry PlayBook: First look eyes-on

As the product isn’t on sale until next year, we get the feeling that the BlackBerry PlayBook isn’t quite finished yet. So much so, that an actual hands-on with the device is still a no-no, with tantalising glimpses only revealed in a glass cabinet. So join us for our first ‘eyes-on’, sorry no hands.

So here it is, the PlayBook. It looks a whole lot like the iPad from the front, but the video quality of what these demo devices were playing was really impressive.

We’re not convinced that the PlayBook will seem this slim when we get it in our hands, but there’s no denying that it’s a skinny little wretch, making the be-cased BlackBerry next to it seem like an out-dated brick.

It seems that the BlackBerry PlayBook will be available in this rather jaunty shade of blue, as well as Serious Businessman Black.

Even this very dark shot is still nice and crisp on the screen – we can almost hear the maudlin tones eschewing from this young fellow’s guitar.

And one more shot for good measure. That’s your lot.


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