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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2: Android apps on the PlayBook video

Android apps on the PlayBook. This is something we’ve been hearing about since 2011. A feature that could make the PlayBook infinitely more appealing to many users. With BlackBerry OS 2.0 it appears that it is finally going to happen.

RIM is going to curate a selection of Android applications so they can run on the BlackBerry Playbook. This has the potential to dramatically increase the number of apps available to PlayBook owners.

At CES, RIM has been demonstrating how it works and the experience seems to be seamless for the PlayBook. There’s no separate player, all games are in the same place and you can swipe to close, much as you can with native BlackBerry PlayBook apps.

Of course there’s no back buttons, but RIM has got around this by enabling a diagonal swipe command, which replicates the Android back button.

PlayBook user won’t be able to access the entire Android Market (with it’s 100,000+ apps), instead developers have to enable it via the app.

Check out the video below, shot by Recombu’s Basil Kronfli.


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