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BlackBerry Playbook shows off its Facebook and Flash playing capabilities

Perhaps worried about being lost amid the expected deluge of Android tablets, the BlackBerry Playbook has popped up in a video, and is all like “Hey guys, I can has multitasking and Flash too.”

The Playbook is seen powering through the full desktop editions of YouTube and Facebook, not “stripped down mobile version[s]”, making good on Jim Balsillie’s statement that you “don’t need an app for the web.” Flash and HTML5 videos all look very nice indeed, and it supports Flash-based games within Facebook, with features like Facebook Chat running happily in the background.

We’re hoping that this means we’ll get to see more of the Playbook at CES this week; it’s been a while since we first caught a glimpse of the Playbook in action and still no word of a release date yet.

Source: RIM via TechRadar


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