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Blackberry Playbook with Android apps video and pictures

A video has emerged online showing Android apps running on the Blackberry Playbook.

The video is from German website Macberryde and shows a video and images of the Playbook running the next-genration of RIM’s operating system: OS 2.0.

The silent video shows a slightly tweaked user interface, before showing a selection of Android apps including: Amazon Kindle, IMDB, WinAmp, Word Press, Tweetcaster Pro and Maps. All apps are stored in one of the four folders along the top.

On a couple of occasions the tablet does appear to crash, although this is hardly surprising considering this is an early beta versions. Otherwise the experience is pretty seamless, with the applications integrated into the user interface

In addition screenshots have emerged showing the Playbook running OS2, it looks slightly different with only two icons along the bottom of the homescreen. Elsewhere you can create folders by dragging icons on top of each other.

Rim announced the new BBX operating system, at the Blackberry DevCon last week, alongwide the news the beta for OS 2 was open to developers. OS 2 will share many features of BBX.

Being able to play Android apps on the Playbook will be a huge boost to Blackberry Playbook, one of the main criticisms of the tablet is the limited number of apps. Enabling uses to download Android apps, will enable the tablet to offer even more choice than Honeycomb tablets.

Source: Via: Pocket-Lint


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