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Blackberry points out that some people really do like the Passport

Blackberry’s latest press release highlights that some users really actually enjoy the oddly-boxy Passport smartphone, bigging up the positive Amazon reviews.

We didn’t get on too well with the Blackberry Passport when it landed in the Recombu offices. It was a unique idea, for sure, boasting great battery life and a strong camera, but the strange, boxy design was a bit of an ergonomic nightmare. Not to mention the fact that that square screen was a poor match to many apps as well as photos and videos.

However, to prove that some people really do like the Blackberry Passport, Blackberry’s press team has sent out a release highlighting the phone’s high Amazon rating. Currently the phone sits on a healthy five stars, thanks to 127 perfect scores out of 139.

Amazon reviewers weren’t too bothered by the odd shape, with reviewer Olaoluwa stating: ‘Yes, my friends laughed at it, but I don’t care, it’s truly gorgeous’.

And while some users had problems with the touch-sensitive keyboard, this didn’t seem to detract from the positive scores. Reviewer Sean Jones said that ‘it can become very hard to type or use if it is cold’, but he also came up with an ingenious solution: ‘Easy enough to get around this, just wait until you are in doors or pop into a shop and reply’.

One might accuse Blackberry of getting a little desperate with this press release, but we’re genuinely hoping that the once-mighty company comes up with some seriously killer hardware to silence its critics. We’ve already heard of a sequel to the Passport, nicknamed the Oslo, and there’s even rumours that Blackberry will add Android support to future handsets.


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