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BlackBerry Porsche Carrera S concept: Car of the future?

One of the coolest things we’ve seen at Mobile World Congress was on the BlackBerry stand. Although RIM isn’t showing off any new hardware – so we’ll be waiting a little bit longer for BlackBerry 10 to land – there were some interesting concepts on the stand, including the Porsche Carrera S concept.

BlackBerry bought QNX in 2010. QNX develop applications used in cars – currently used by 25 million people worldwide. On the stand was a Porsche Carrera S, with built-in QNX Automotive Stack technology to demonstrate what happens with you bring mobile technology to the car.

Instead of a conventional head unit, the Porsche instead has a BlackBerry Playbook, which are also mounted on the back of the seats, so users sat in the back seats will be able to watch movies independently and of course access PlayBook content. Recombu’s Tom Newton goes for a ride below:


We were told by a QNX spokesperson that it takes around three years to develop the technology, but the use of applications – which can be continually updated – extends the life.

Although it’s a concept at the moment, it’s likely that we will see that technology and it won’t just be on premium cars either – younger tech-savvy consumers will want the technology too, meaning we should see it at the lower – or affordable – end of the market too.

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