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Blackberry Storm 5.0 update delayed for UK owners

Quite often the UK gets the dirty end of the tech stick. Take the Blackberry Storm, for example. US network Verizon has just announced the successor to the original Storm, the Storm 2, and also announced a major update (OS 5.0) for original Storm owners. The update will apparently improve typing speeds, which is great news but Electric Pig suggests that the same update won’t be available to UK Vodafone users until 2010.

It’s bad enough that Storm owners have had to wrestle with the original Storm’s lacklustre screen for months but now they have to wait for a major update that will improve their user experience. We hope long-suffering Storm owners can wait until after Christmas to improve their phones but Vodafone, if you’re reading this, why not make everyone’s Christmas a little happier and send the update out now? Please. Seriously. Do it.


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