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BlackBerry Tablet emerges

The iPad is coming soon the the UK and tablets are now all the rage. We’re dreading the day when people start casually referring to tablets as ‘tabs’ or ‘tabbies’ as people did with laptops (‘lappies’ *shudder*) a few years ago.

RIM is the latest manufacturer to jump on the tablet bandwagon. Don’t expect the BlackBerry tablet device to be a straight-up iPad rival, though. According to Boy Genius Report who unearthed the info on this, it’s best thought of as a “companion” device to a BlackBerry phone.

The yet-to-be-named BlackBerry tablet will have a 8.9-inch screen and will access the net either via Wi-Fi or by tethering it to your BlackBerry with Bluetooth. Its possible that you could also use the Qwerty pad of your BlackBerry phone as a kind of mini wireless keyboard. This would be great for editing documents and emails on the go.

This will be useful for the traditional corporate BlackBerry user although BGR’s source mentions that entertainment features “e-books, emailing, web browsing, photo viewing” will get a look in too.

Lastly it should also be mentioned that the above image is an ‘artists impression’ style rendering and is not meant to be a reflection of what the real thing, slated for a December release, will look like. No word on price yet either.


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