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Bleam for iPhone lets you share stuff with friends locally

Sharing is good. Well, most sharing. In the case of Bleam, it’s definitely good. It’s a new iPhone app that lets you create a local network for you and friends or colleagues, to share photos and contacts while text-chatting.

The app costs 59p, and claims to be a do-it-all competitor to apps that focus on just one element, like contacts. “Tell your friends to get Bleam and you’ll have an instant backchannel between each other wherever you go,” explains the blurb.

Bleam uses Bluetooth to connect iPhones and iPod touches, so doesn’t require 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity. You can choose to share stuff publicly or privately, and the app makes a virtue of its refusal to make users create accounts or tap in their details before getting started.

Chat sessions can be archived, and “at least” 12 users can take part in a single session, although the developers say they want people to try and stretch that, to see at what point the technology breaks. It could be just the thing for boring conference sessions / school lessons (delete as appropriate).


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