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Freshly launched BT Mobile offers the cheapest 4G plans around

Many moons ago, BT was a notable player in the UK’s mobile landscape and today it’s back and aggressively looking for fresh customers, starting with its existing broadband users.

BT Mobile’s opening gambit is comprised of three key components. Existing BT Broadband customers can expect notable discounts if they sign up for the company’s mobile packages. They’re keeping things simple with three SIM only plans starting at £10 a month, going up to £17 a month and finishing with a 20GB plan at £25 a month. BT Broadband customers intending to get involved will receive a £5 monthly discount on all three tariffs.

Here’s the full breakdown per month:

  Mobile data Minutes Texts Extras
BT Mobile 500MB plan 500MB 200 Unlimited BT WiFi hotspot & BT Sport app access + £5 discount for BT Broadband customers
BT Mobile 2GB plan 2GB 500 Unlimited BT WiFi hotspot & BT Sport app access + £5 discount for BT Broadband customers
BT Mobile 20GB plan 20GB Unlimited Unlimited BT WiFi hotspot & BT Sport app access + £5 discount for BT Broadband customers

The company’s top tariff offers far more bang for your buck compared to EE’s top SIM only plan, which doles out a modest 5GB of 4G data for more cash per month. If you want a handset to go with your new SIM, pickings are slim right now, with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Mini, Ace 4 or S5 on the cards alongside the Huawei Ascend Y550 – the most affordable handset in their lineup (£149 or £99 with a discount code supplied by BT).

BT is naturally leveraging other assets to entice new customers into the fray too. Along with 4G data, customers will receive unlimited access to its nationwide network of public WiFi hotspots and the BT Sport app to watch Premier League games on, even if they don’t subscribe to BT Broadband – arguably a powerful asset in its own right.

If you’re a money conscious mobile user and a BT Broadband customer you’ll be able to link up to five BT Mobile plans at a discounted rate to a single household address and should your plan not offer enough allowances or vice versa, you can upgrade or downgrade to a different tariff without extending your contract.

BT’s play to take ownership of the UK’s largest mobile carrier EE is still in the works and once it goes through following the final ‘go ahead’ from Ofcom, expect BT Mobile to explode in a big way.

Update: After speaking with BT directly, one element that none of these new plans offers is tethering or hotspot functionality. BT also explained that there are currently no plans to include such functonality in the future. An additional element worth considering before you lay down cash on these otherwise compelling plans.


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