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Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies arriving on Android

As gaming franchises go, Call of Duty has come on spades in the last five years, with the introduction of the Modern Warfare series catching the attention of gamers worldwide. Since then we’ve seen sequels and spin-offs across multiple platforms, most recently in the world of mobile. iOS users were the first to the COD table when Black Ops Zombies arrived on the platform at the end of last year and now it looks as if it’s Android’s turn to take on the undead.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies arrived at the end of last year on iOS and could arrive on Android in the very immediate future. The team at XperiaGamer managed to catch a glimpse of impending game’s instruction manual, which reveals some of the key features, such as game modes, multiplayer and secret extras, set within the world of the of ‘COD: Blops Zombies’.

Blops Zombies Android

As with the iOS version, the game allows for single player or multiplayer game modes, which work locally via Bluetooth, but players can also jump online and play with friends on Android devices anywhere. There’s no talk of the cross-platform gaming however, so don’t expect to be able to play your iOS zombie-bashing friends.

blops zombies 2

As well as the classic COD Zombie experience, with secret weapons, unlockable areas and power-ups, Dead Ops Arcade is also slated to feature, with 50 levels of its top down 3D third-person gaming experience. There’s no official word on launch or talk of support for attachable gamepads or the Xperia Play’s hardware controls, but expect the undead to walk on your droid in the coming weeks.


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