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Can we guess your phone’s passcode? It may be time to change

You may want to consider changing your phone’s passcode; especially if it’s 1234, or several other common number combinations.

Daniel Amitay’s research, based on his own Big Brother Security app that uses a passcode screen similar to the iPhone’s own, showed that 15% of all passcodes set were represented by only 10 different entries. That’s out of a possible 10,000 combinations.

Whilst 1234 is the most popular , any repetitions of the same number also opens you up to opportunistic screen-unlockers.

Other likely passcodes include 2580, 5629 (Love!), and 1998.

In fact, several combinations pointing to years are likely passcodes, especially from 1990-2000, all of which feature in the top 50.

Amitay also added some ‘heatmaps’, of number combinations. Starting your code with ‘1’ is another common habit when setting your passcode, it seems.

We did a rough straw poll at Recombu Towers, and several of our relatives (not us, you understand, we’re far too cunning) have opted to use repetitive passcodes.

With possibly 15% of all phones unlockable with just a handful of codes, it may be time to mix around the numbers a little. And avoid your birthday.

Via: LifeHacker

Source: Daniel Amitay


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