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CES Photos: Ingenious iPhone TV Hat keeps prying eyes off your screen

Don’t you just hate it when you’re watching a film on your iPhone and you can see someone in your peripheral vision looking at you? What’s that? That’s never bothered you? Oh ok.

Well, imagine it did. You’d want a solution, right? You’d want the TV Hat.

This ingenious iPhone accessory allows you to watch the content on your iPhone without using your hands, or being bothered by other people’s prying eyes. And it’s a decidedly lo-fi method they employ: by sticking the iPhone in the front of the visor, behind a magnifying screen. Genius. None of this 3D, HD viewing nonsense for TV Hat owners.

The TV Hat is sadly only available in the US at the moment, for $29.95 (about £20). We hope that it’ll one day make its way over to these shores.


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