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CES Photos: iPhone bottle opener case vs iPad cushion case

You know when you come to CES the technology you’re going to see the most of is iPhone covers. It’s a given. Be you a fan of diamante, dinosaur bones, cheeseburgers or rare Japanese silk, there’s a cover for you.

Today though, I thought that rather than trying to write about every single cover displayed at CES 2011, I’d pick just two that particularly caught my eye. Mainly because the number of covers I’ve seen today runs into the kajillion billions.

First up: the iPhone 4 case that integrates a bottle opener. Naturally. It’s this kind of convergence that keeps the technology industry fresh – there’s nothing better than combining two activities that no one has ever desired be combined. Want a washing machine that also shuffles cards? You’ve got it! Think your life would be improved if your laptop also gave you head massages? It’s yours!

But then there’s the convergence that happens where you can see someone’s thought process, but sadly that person was a moron. Enter the iPad cushion case. It almost makes sense – no doubt lots of people do prop their iPad on their lap with a cushion. But did any of those people ever wish they could tape their iPad to that cushion? Probably not. And yet here we are, living in a world where someone’s made an iPad cushion case.


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