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Charge your phone in just 15 minutes with Oppo’s smart mobile battery tech

Chinese manufacturer Oppo showed off its superfast phone charging solution ‘Super VOOC Flash Charge’, as well as some innovative image stabilisation camera tech, at MWC 2016.

Oppo’s future phones that come packing the Super VOOC Flash Charge tech will be fully charged in just a quarter of an hour, while five minutes at the plug will give ten hours of talk time, making this an even faster solution than Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0.

That 15 minute estimate is based on a 2500mAh battery, which is standard for a 5-inch device. And according to Oppo it works with standard micro USB as well as the new Type-C variety which can be found on recent phones like the Nexus 6P.

Unfortunately Oppo doesn’t plan to release the Super VOOC tech to other mobile manufacturers, so it’ll most likely only appear on Oppo’s own handsets.

Fast charging tech is a massive deal these days, but there are two pretty major concerns. First is the worry that the battery might overheat during charging, but Oppo’s Super VOOC solution uses a low voltage (5V) pulse charge to prevent any temperature leaps.

Second is the issue of long term damage, which could dramatically reduce a battery’s lifespan. However, the low voltage charging may be a way around this problem also. Only time will truly tell.

Oppo also used MWC 2016 to parade its SmartSensor Image Stabilisation, a new kind of mobile sensor tech that beats traditional image stabilisation. Most mid-to-top end phones have some kind of digital or optical image stabilisation built in, to cut down the judder when you’re shooting video, but they generally struggle with accidental camera roll, where the lens pitches up or down. Oppo’s image stabilisation is a serious improvement, producing video footage that’s nice and smooth thanks to the lens’ freedom to rotate.

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