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Cheap iPhone concepts show coloured phones

There have been rumours for a while that Apple is planning to launch a cheaper version of the iPhone in a bid to increase market share in a previously untapped section of the mobile phone market.

Artist Martin Hajek has created a series of 3D renders for dutch website iPhoneclub (via Tech Radar), showing what new, cheaper iPhones might look like, based on the latest rumours and speculation.

Apple iPhone concepts

Following rumours the iPhone is available in bright colours, the concept iPhone are available in bright blue and red, as opposed to white and black – a trait that sounds entirely plausible considering that the iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle all come in different colour variations.

To keep manufacturing costs low the phones are made from polycarbonate rather than aluminium and glass, the red version has a 4-inch screen and the blue version a 4.5-inch screen. The lock button remains the same and there’s a Lightening Port underneath.

Cheap iPhone concept front and back

At the moment the possibility of a cheap iPhone is just a rumour – nothing more – in fact in January Apple’s Phil Schiller refuted such claims, but that doesn’t Hajek’s renders are extremely convincing. What do you think of the renders? And will you buy a cheaper iPhone if Apple launches one? Let us know below or via FaceBook and Twitter.

Apple iPhone concept



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