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Cheaper 8GB iPhone 4 reportedly being manufactured

If we weren’t busy enough with all the iPhone 5 rumours and half-truths floating around, now Reuters have allegedly got some more information for a reboot of the current iPhone 4.

iPhone 4S (for small)? Maybe, but according to “two people with knowledge of the matter” Apple have already tasked manufacturers with making the Apple flagship with a smaller 8GB flash drive.

The source added that the phone is already being manufactured by a Korean company.
It appears to be Apple’s attempt to assault the mid-level smartphone market with a cheaper iPhone.

Coupled with a high-end iPhone 5, if they do launch together, Reuters believes that we’ll see that late September launch-date, adding that manufacturers Hon Hai and Pegatron have been ordered to produce 45 million units.

As the date approaches, if it wasn’t difficult enough to choose between the current iPhone now or waiting for the as-yet unconfirmed iPhone 5, the vague spectre of a cheaper iPhone 4 adds another option. Decisions, decisions…

Source: Reuters


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