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Cheaper iPhone could be inbound, but won’t be smaller

The New York Times is reporting anonymous sources that go against Bloomberg and the WSJ’s announcement that a smaller iPhone was due.

“Apple is not currently developing a smaller iPhone” and they “are not planning to introduce a smaller iPhone anytime soon.”

The story explains that an Apple engineer has said making the iPhone smaller wouldn’t necessarily make things cheaper overall, less expensive components, however, would.

A smaller screen would force developers to re-write applications and Apple to re-think its operating system slightly to deal with the reduced size.

An Apple executive is also quoted as saying that multiple iPhone forms don’t make sense to exist at the same time.

The New York Times article also explains that the next normal iPhone design is almost finished.

Apple’s engineers are currently focused on finishing the next version of the iPhone, which is likely to be similar in size to the current iPhone 4, said one of the people. The person said Apple was not planning to introduce a smaller iPhone any time soon. Analysts expect the new iPhone to be ready this summer.”


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