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Cheeseburger phone case is just what the iPhone has always been missing

Some young whippersnappers may think Juno was the original purveyor of the hamburger phone, but we were lusting after it long before thanks to the non-pregnant teen icon Clarissa of Clarissa Explains It All – a classic ’90s teen sitcom in which Melissa Joan-Hart failed to explain, well, anything really.

Still, it was ace, and her cheeseburger phone was the envy of pre-teen girls everywhere. But the ’90s are long gone, and with it the brilliantly bad food-stuff based landline phone. Now we’re stuck with beautifully designed mobile iPhones and where’s the fun in that?

Never fear! As always, the internet to the rescue! Flickr user UnsureShot decided to throw together a homemade cheeseburger phone case as part of her Hallowe’en costume this year, and has been generous enough to share a step-by-step guide. Although based on the cheeseburger phone from Juno, it works for Clarissa fans too – and basically any fan of the burnt-meat-within-bread food genre.

Worth noting: ironic hipster types can in fact buy a cheeseburger landline phone from, should they so desire.

[via iPhone Savior]


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