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CoPilot iPhone app update available now

Watch out TomTom. A few weeks ago we spoke to CoPilot about its iPhone app and filmed some of the improvements that would be made available via a free update. One of the key issues we had with the CoPilot app was that it didn’t warn you about speed cameras, and if someone called you then the CoPilot app wouldn’t automatically restart. Well, today those issues have been solved because CoPilot has released a free update with the missing features in the Apple app store.

This means that in terms of raw features the CoPilot app is more or less the same as the TomTom one but only costs £26 (UK & Ireland), compared to £60 for the TomTom app. It’s worth pointing out that TomTom has yet to announce live Traffic updates whereas CoPilot confirmed to us recently that it will be offering a live traffic service as a premium update soon. Equally interesting is the fact that the incoming TomTom car kit is said to work with any sat-nav app, so it should work with the CoPilot one.

TomTom has been guarded about future announcements but we sincerely hope it’s going to update its app with something cool soon. As we said when we first tested the app, £60 isn’t that expensive compared to a standalone sat-nav but now that CoPilot offers many of the same features, it is expensive for a sat-nav iPhone app. TomTom, the ball is in your court.



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