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Corel launches Paint It! Now photography app for iPhone

Corel is one of the famous old names of the graphics software world – at least for anyone who remembers CorelDRAW and Paint Shop Pro. It’s still going though, and has joined the App Store photo-manipulation bandwagon.

Corel Paint It! Now is a free app that turns your photos into paintings, with five available effects: Oil, Modern, Illustration, Impressionist and Pen & Ink. The results can then be shared on Facebook or Flickr, saved to your Camera Roll, or emailed to friends.

It looks like it works well, but we wonder how it will fare against competition from apps like Instagram, Path and Picplz, which have a wider range of (admittedly non-painting) filters, and build social features more deeply into their apps. They might also add painting filters in the future, which might not be as powerful as Corel’s tech, but may still be good enough for users.

Still, Corel’s app is free, so if the idea of turning your snaps into paint-splattered masterpieces appeals, it’s worth a look.


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