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Cortana to hit UK Lumias this month?

Nokia UK has teased British Lumia fans desperately waiting for Cortana, stating that the voice assistant will be hitting Blighty ‘soon’.

Oh Nokia UK, you massive tease. First you flaunt the new Windows Phone 8.1 voice assistant, Cortana, in front of our faces, before telling us Brits we’ll not be receiving it quite yet. And then, on your official Twitter feed, you go and tease us with the following image, and a single, solitary word: “Soon”.

Cortana release date to hit the UK Nokia Lumias in June 2014?

Of course, ‘soon’ is pretty damn vague – technically 2015 is reasonably soon, especially in Galapagos Tortoise or Warty Oreo years. Thankfully Nokia has confirmed that Cortana will definitely hit the UK ‘later in 2014’. Some people are predicting late June, but we suspect it’ll actually be July-August time.

Of course, UK Lumia fans can still get Cortana on their handsets right now, using a crafty workaround. The only problem being that it’s US-centric and you have to put up with the American keyboard, dollar signs and all.

When do you reckong Cortana will hit Britain? And are you bothered by the wait? Let us know by leaving a comment.


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